20 Online Resources For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Hi everyone, since it’s Good Friday, we though it would be good to do something different. So here’s an interesting post highlighting some excellent resources for all you budding entrepreneurs, enjoy.

Anyone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur will find plenty of online resources to help them in their quest. From general resources and entrepreneurship training to financial and productivity tools, the web has everything needed to start your own business. Here are 20 specific resources that would be helpful to almost any aspiring entrepreneur.

General Resources

* Entrepreneur.com – The online version of Entrepreneur’s print publication offers just about everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs. The site hosts articles, videos, blogs, and detailed information about franchises and other business opportunities.
* Small Business UK – Small Business UK is dedicated to counseling and assisting small businesses. The organization offers free online training, information about grants, and tools for entrepreneurs.
* The Wall Street Journal – The small business section of The Wall Street Journal provides a list of businesses, assets, and franchises that are for sale as well as reports and articles for current and future entrepreneurs.
* About Entrepreneurs – This About.com site offers a blog, a community forum, and hundreds of articles for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Free Entrepreneurship Courses

* Sloan School of Management – MIT’s Sloan School of Management offers hundreds of free online courses that would benefit new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Popular courses cover topics like global entrepreneurship, managerial accounting, finance, and business strategy.
* Entrepreneurship and Business Planning – This free online course from Carnegie Mellon Professor Mark Juliano teaches students how to start a business, build a team, finance a venture, market a product, and more.
* How to Find Start-Up Funding – Trump University charges for most of their courses and learning products, but the Donald’s school does offer this free mini course which details how entrepreneurs can find start-up funding for business ventures.
* My Own Business – This nonprofit organization offers a free online course geared toward entrepreneurs who want to start their first business.

Budgeting and Finance

* Mint – Mint is an award-winning budgeting tool. The Mint site is widely considered to be one of the best places to manage personal and business finances online.
* Rudder – This free financial service makes it easy to manage your money and monitor all of your accounts in one place.
* MoneyStrands – This free money management software is designed to help people set up budgets, control spending, and stay on top of financial ventures.
* Wesabe – Wesabe is an online community and budgeting tool. Although the site was designed for personal finances versus business finances, it is a useful destination for anyone with financial goals or concerns.


* actiTIME – With actiTIME, entrepreneurs can track time, schedules, and overtime. This free time tracking software also offers a basic reporting functionality and task management tools.
* RescueTime – This free time management software will help you track your time online–no data entry required.
* Remember the Milk – Remember The Milk is a to-do list for the 21st Century. This taskmaster can track almost anything from anywhere.
* Onepoint Project – This open source productivity app makes it easy to track workflow, outgoing costs, and ad hoc tasks.


* Ziggs – Many people use this site to network, but it is also a great place for an entrepreneur to build their online brand and market themselves to other people.
* Fast Pitch – Similar to Linked In, Fast Pitch is a place for business professionals to network and market themselves.
* Biznik – This award-winning community for entrepreneurs is specifically geared toward people who are starting businesses. Biznik brings people together to network, share resources, and collaborate on business opportunities.
* NFP – Also known as Networking for Professionals, NFP is a straightforward, easy-to-use site for entrepreneurs who want to network with other people online and in person.

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